February 16, 2001: Bob and Andy go to Maryland

Today is the beginning of a fun trip for Bob Winans, Andrew West and I.  I can’t remember the details but I believe that Bob taught today and then drove down to Endicott, New York to the IBM facility there where Andy and I work.  And and I work in the hexagonally windowed engineering building on the west side of the IBM manufacturing campus.  The three of us are driving down to Maryland tonight and will be working at Washington Hospital Center with Jonathan Stagno tomorrow.  I know that Andy and I definitely had to work today and it would only make sense for Bob to have met us down in Endicott and I seem to vaguely remember that happening.  (It is December, 2007 when I finally got around to writing this post!)

We would have driven down in the late evening probably leaving Endicott around four or four thirty.  The route from Endicott was easy – a quick jump down NY 17 to Binghamton and then Interstate 81 south to Harrisburg and then Interstate 83 down to Baltimore.  A quick loop around Baltimore on the beltway (Interstate 695) and then Interstate 97 down to MD 50 and over to Arnold, Maryland.

Several months ago, John Nicklin rented a condo in Arnold, Maryland to use as a “home base” in the D.C. area.  And this is where we are all staying tonight.  I have my own room there.  Andy and Bob slept in the living room.  At this point John wasn’t really considering living in the D.C. area and was more interested in moving to Anderson, South Carolina.

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