Twitter Transcripts from Thanksgiving

After losing tons of audio posts when using a third party podcasting system a few years ago I have become very gunshy about keeping anything really important on any system other than one that I own myself.  Since my Twitter feed has become so critical (I am still thinking about moving that to a system that I host myself rather than using Twitter) I decided that it would make sense to copy over the transcripts from Dominica’s labor process this week so that we would always have them.  The blog itself is interesting but seeing the “as it happens” transcripts will be really neat for Liesl someday to see what we were saying just hours before she was born.

This transcript starts with dad leaving Peekskill after having been on “baby watch” for over a week on November 26 at 11:00am.  It ends in the early afternoon today, the 28th.

Liesl is having her third feeding with Dominica right now. She is doing very well. about 6 hours ago from web

Preliminary results from the blood work and spinal tap show Liesl as being clear. 48 hours until the final results but good for now. about 8 hours ago from web

Liesl has been cleared to “feed on demand” which is very positive. about 10 hours ago from web

Dominica just finished her first meal since the operation. Still on fluids but feeling a little better. Still four nights without sleep! about 10 hours ago from web

Annie says, “It’s like candy for your bowels that help you fart.” I just had to relay that quote! about 11 hours ago from web

Dominica is eating her first meal since surgery. She is recovering well, but is quite sad about Liesl having to be tested already. about 11 hours ago from web

Liesl has symptoms of infection. Bloodwork wasn’t great. She has to have a spinal tap now to see if she has an infection in her brain. about 11 hours ago from TwitterBerry

Back at the hospital. Dominica is doing well. Waiting for our doctor appointment. about 13 hours ago from TwitterBerry

Dominica sent me home to sleep. Have to be back early in the morning. Oreo was so excited to see me! about 21 hours ago from TwitterBerry

@kweenkmatt thanks. You will have to come visit soon! about 23 hours ago from TwitterBerry in reply to kweenkmatt

Dominica and Liesl are hanging out at the hospital recovering. Min’s parents and I are at new city diner getting food. about 23 hours ago from TwitterBerry

Liesl’s birthday: november 27th, 2008 at 6:54pm 7:39 PM Nov 27th from TwitterBerry

It’s a girl!! Announcing Liesl Lee Miller. 7lbs 11oz. 20inches 7:28 PM Nov 27th from TwitterBerry

It is surgery time. 6:30 PM Nov 27th from TwitterBerry

If all goes well in surgery, dominica can come home on sunday. 5:59 PM Nov 27th from TwitterBerry

Progression failed. Going to c section now. Baby is fine. Phone is about to die.   5:55 PM Nov 27th from TwitterBerry

Dominica has now been in labor for 26 hours. 5:29 PM Nov 27th from web

FB-IMing with Clare in London. Live chat and blogging from the delivery room! LOL 5:29 PM Nov 27th from web

I’ve moved from my BlackBerry to Twittering from my laptop set up in the birthing room at the foot of Dominica’s bed. 5:25 PM Nov 27th from web

Dominica is napping now. In theory she will sleep for another hour to an hour and a half and then we should see something get going. 5:23 PM Nov 27th from web

Epidural is working. Dominica is feeling so much better. 4:24 PM Nov 27th from TwitterBerry

Pitosin is working but the pain is incredible. Epidural happening now. 4:05 PM Nov 27th from TwitterBerry

Dominica is on iv drip pain killers now. Doesmnt stop the pain but she is starting to relax between contractions. 3:00 PM Nov 27th from TwitterBerry

Dominica is starting pitocin now. We are having problems progressing. C section is a very real possibility very soon. 2:20 PM Nov 27th from TwitterBerry

Midwife and nurses are prepping for delivery. Might be very soon. 1:03 PM Nov 27th from TwitterBerry

Lunch is free today at the hosp. Having a lite thanksgiving dinner here. 12:10 PM Nov 27th from TwitterBerry

There was meconium present so the head monitor (that corkscrews into the scalp) has to be attached. 11:50 AM Nov 27th from TwitterBerry

Water just broke. 7-8 cm. Real progress now! 11:30 AM Nov 27th from TwitterBerry

Tried to get food but the hospital caf has nothing. Literally nothing. I guess that they are closed at 11:15 am!!! 11:25 AM Nov 27th from TwitterBerry

Dominicas parents will be here soon to take over so that I can get a bite to eat. 11:07 AM Nov 27th from TwitterBerry

Dominica is napping. She is completely exhausted. No sleep in days. 10:18 AM Nov 27th from TwitterBerry

And the doppler system predicts…. High chance of baby today. (Doppler is used to listen to the baby.) 9:50 AM Nov 27th from TwitterBerry

Showering seems to help but all of the steam makes it way too warm. 9:40 AM Nov 27th from TwitterBerry

6 cm now. Moving forward well. 8:54 AM Nov 27th from TwitterBerry

5 cm dilated now. Progressing well. Dominica is really holding up. 6:49 AM Nov 27th from TwitterBerry

Happy anniversary to bennie and francesca   6:31 AM Nov 27th from TwitterBerry

Midwife predicts that the baby will arrive by noon – less that six more hours. Contractions have been going on for 14hrs already. 6:23 AM Nov 27th from TwitterBerry

Happy tofurkey day! 4:35 AM Nov 27th from TwitterBerry

Nurse says that we are staying this time. This is the real thing. Currently 3-4 cm. Doing well. Show time. 4:17 AM Nov 27th from TwitterBerry

Okay, found someone to let me in. We are in room 4. Same room that we had on Monday – we know this room well. Min is having tests now. 4:15 AM Nov 27th from TwitterBerry

I am locked out of maternity…. Can’t get to dominica. 4:12 AM Nov 27th from TwitterBerry

Getting ready to head on out to the hospital to try this baby thing again. 3:03 AM Nov 27th from TwitterBerry

Heading to bed. No baby on the 26th. Will try to get some rest before the labor really starts. Dominica is very uncomfortable. 10:51 PM Nov 26th from web

@kweenkmatt At $1.57, I believe that once you adjust for inflation this is the cheapest gasoline in history – beating the 1999 prices! 10:17 PM Nov 26th from web in reply to kweenkmatt

Contractions are speeding up. Very likely going to the hospital in the next few hours. Thanksgiving looks to have been a good guess. 8:33 PM Nov 26th from TwitterBerry

Baby is progressing. Might be off to the hospital again in a few hours. 8:07 PM Nov 26th from TwitterBerry

@ClintonSkakun Yay, tofurkey day! 7:03 PM Nov 26th from web in reply to ClintonSkakun

Dominica’s contractions are pretty constant now. Every few minutes. 7:02 PM Nov 26th from web

@_calla_lily_ Have fun in Columbia. New baby by the time that you get back! Westchester Population + 1 7:02 PM Nov 26th from web in reply to _calla_lily_

Dad arrived home safely. No snow until Dansville. Toccos have now arrived in Peekskill. 6:01 PM Nov 26th from web

Check at the midwife’s went well. 2cm dilated and progressing appropriately. No schedule yet 😉 3:46 PM Nov 26th from web

Dominica’s appointment is done. No news. Going to pick her up now. 2:59 PM Nov 26th from web

Just did the dishes and finished off unpacking another box. Minor house progress. 2:55 PM Nov 26th from web

Dad is in Elmira. No baby news so he is continuing on towards home. 2:53 PM Nov 26th from web

Dominica’s dr appt got pushed back. She has to wait until 2 just to get in but is already sitting there just reading a book. 1:09 PM Nov 26th from web

Dad just left for his long drive back home. Dominica’s dr appt is in two hours.   11:10 AM Nov 26th from web

September 19, 2008: TGI Long Weekend

63 Days to Baby Day! (31 Weeks Pregnant)

“Behold the rain which descends from heaven upon our vineyards, there it enters the roots of the vines, to be changed into wine, a constant proof that God loves us, and loves to see us happy.” – Benjamin Franklin in a letter to Andre Morellet.

I had to do some quick research on this quote since it is often misquoted as: “Beer is living proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.”  There appears, in my cursory search, no actual original reference document pointing to the more famous quote and that it is actually a bastardization of the original letter referring to rain and wine.  It is still a good quote regardless of who actually first said it.  I prefer the version without the word living.  The fact that there are two so common versions of the quote leads on to question its authenticity anyway.

The weather is awesome today.  Temperatures are not set to break seventy degrees all day.

Oreo and I got up a little before eight and went to the living room to work and to charge up energy laying in the sun (I will let you surmise which of us will be doing which.)  Because of continuing market volatility there is still very little to do at the office and today is promising to be a nice, slow day leading into my four day weekend.  This is, I believe, only the second four day break from the office that I have had since starting this position in March of 2006!  The other four day weekend was this past June in Walt Disney World.

During overnight trading in the foreign markets, the global economy seems to be recovering in a very serious way after a very rough week.

This morning I tested the new theory that yawns can be contagious between humans and dogs.  Oreo was sitting in the middle of the living room and I looked over at him and yawned right at him – fake yawn but decently convincing – and before I was done yawning he yawned as well!

Katie and I had lunch at Asian Fusion at 11 Stone Street in downtown Manhattan.  I had the pad thai.  It was okay, nothing special.  Overall the whole restaurant experience was not really worthy of lower Manhattan.  If this was a Thai restaurant in Warren, New Jersey I would not find a compelling reason to choose it over the competing Thai restaurants so it really does not cut it here in New York City.

The afternoon was pretty slow, as expected.  Today is the slowest Friday, actually, that I can remember so far this year.  It was great.  I was able to leave the office only a little after six – once I knew that there was not going to be any evening surprises.  Ronak and I were even able to step out to get some hot chocolate at Leonardis before the end of the day.  They have awesome hot chocolate on Hanover Square.

I took the train home and arrived in Newark around seven.  On my way home I noticed that 87 octane “unleaded” gas is just $3.29 per gallon in New Jersey!  That is pretty cheap after what it has been this past year.

I got to the apartment and found Dominica and Oreo asleep on the bed.  Dominica had packed up our “suitcase”, which is actually a duffle bag thing, and was exhausted and took a nap.  Oreo is always obliging when it comes to naps.

It took us until after eight thirty to get everything ready, the plants watered, the computers shut down, the windows closed and the car packed so that we could leave for our long weekend.  It is pretty rare that we leave Newark for four whole days.  It always makes us nervous in case we have forgotten something important.

The drive through Jersey had a surprising amount of traffic for how late it was on a Friday night.  We stopped at a McDonald’s along the route for some dinner.  We had been hoping to have been able to have stopped at a Panera Bread but we forgot to keep looking for one and bypassed the only corridor that has anything other than fast food and were stuck in our dinner choices.

Overall the trip was uneventful.  Dominica was pretty tired and slept for a good portion of the drive.  I was really exausted making it a pretty hard trip but I listened to quite a bit of IT Conversations podcasts that I had stored up on my iPod and when those ran out I listened to some of the “News from Lake Wobegon” podcast.

I also listened to a bit of the beginning of J. Maarten Troost’s “Getting Stoned with Savages” which helped to pass the time.  “Stoned” is the follow up to Troost’s really interesting book “The Sex Lives of Cannibals“.  In both books he and his girlfriend and then wife pack up and leave Washington, D.C. to live in the islands of the South Pacific (techicnally can an island along the equator be in the “south” Pacific – how Northern Hemisphere-centric is that?)

It was around two in the morning when we arrived at dad’s house in Peoria, New York.  Oreo was so stiff as he struggled to get out of the back seat of the BMW.  He slept soundly the entire drive.  My right foot, which has been having months of ongoing issues due to something rather like tendinitis, really hurt on this drive.  Normally driving does not seem to aggravate it but today it was really bad.  I was in some serious pain by the time that we got home.

Dad was up waiting for us.  We all sat up in the living room talking for what was probably close to an hour.  While we were awake I put an ice pack onto my right heel to see if that would help relieve some of the pain.  We have no idea if the issue is due to inflamation of some sort or not.

July 27, 2008: Glass Explosion

If you ever need a laugh at the expense of cruelly tortured children, spend some time at Not Without My Handbag’s Guide to Bad Baby Names.  You will cry with laughter and, we hope, sympathy.

We slept in a little today but nothing like yesterday.  Dominica was up around ten or so.  I always get up when Oreo decides that he is tired of sleeping in the bedroom and wants to hang out in the living room instead.

For brunch today we went over to Hell’s Kitchen in the Ironbound with Kevin, Pam and Ryan.  Hell’s Kitchen has some awesome food and drinks.  We were really happy that we tried them out for brunch.  Unfortunately, they are discontinuing the brunch for the rest of the summer and today was the last day.  So it was more of a tease than anything else.

After lunch, Dominica spent the afternoon taking her HP Linux 101 class and getting caught up doing the first five lessons today (the final lesson, six, does not release until tomorrow.)  I did a bit of work of many different types throughout the day.  Overall it was a rather relaxing day involving quite a bit of catchup on many things that we have become backed up on.

In the middle of the afternoon, Dominica had an accident in the kitchen involving a glass and a coffee mug that resulted in a rather large glass explosion showering the kitchen and the surrounds in shards of glass and ceramic.  The incident resulted in an afternoon of cleaning and attempting to protect Oreo from bits of glass that went just everywhere.  It was quite a mess.

The glass breaking became far more disasterous because the kitchen was already a complete mess and the glass had just a million different places to lodge itself.  I spent the afternoon cleaning everything in the kitchen and getting everything off of the counter.  What a mess.

Manned Orbiting Laboratory MOL

In 1963 the United States Air Force announced that it would begin work on a project called the Manned Orbiting Laboratory or MOL, as it was commonly known.  The idea of the project was initially to determine the efficacy of putting American military personnel into space.  The cold war was near its peak and the United States and the Soviet Union were racing to get control of extra-terrestrial militarization zones.  As the project progressed, however, the mission became more focused on building a space station for military reconnaissance.  Eventually, by 1969, the funds for the MOL had dried up and then President Nixon pushed to cancel the program to cut back on spending.  The more visible NASA Skylab project would receive some of the funding instead.

On this past February 12th the PBS program NOVA ran an episode called AstroSpies.  Coming out of college in 1967 the MOL was the very first project that my father worked on at Eastman Kodak in Rochester, New York.  He was on the project from 1967 until its cancellation in 1969.  Dad watched the show when it aired, completely by coincidence because the show he was planning to watch was a rerun and he just flipped over to Nova, and even recognized one of the engineering models shown on the show as having come from his drafter!

The NOVA episode AstroSpies can be viewed online.  Dad was involved in the training of some of the USAF Astronauts as well.  He helped to train Colonel Albert Crews and Colonel Richard Lawyer.

Sonic Brass at Brick Presbyterian Church

Sonic Brass goes to their second performance on their “Tour 1993” this time going to Brick Prebyterian Church in Perry, NY. Joe Howlett and Nathan Parker both attend church at Brick and we all met there back in 1983 when I started attending there. So we thought that it would be appropriate to make that our second stop on our whirlwind tour.