Ok, ok. I know that the postings have stopped for some time and this is a really long break to have taken in updating the site but we wanted to get the site switched over to its new home and everything before a lot more work went into it. So here it is. Hopefully a lot of work will be going into the site in the near future so you can see all of the dramatic changes happening to it. Please email me and tell me what you think. We will be looking at a lot of new color schemes trying to come up with what everyone thinks is appropriate. We are looking for a brighter, happier look than we have had in the past.

In addition to all of the changes going on to the site, we would also like to welcome our newest close house friend, Dominica, to the fold. We met her at our friends Phil and Kate’s Wedding and now she has become part of the gang. So we just wanted to wish her a big Llama welcome to the gang. More news on her will be soon to follow.

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