June 8, 2001: Wedding Rehearsal in Norwich

Today is Phil and Kate’s wedding rehearsal in Norwich, New York. I am best man in the wedding and so will be driving out to Norwich for the rehearsal. This will be my first time ever in Norwich. It is not a region of New York that I am very familiar with.

I drove out to Norwich from Ithaca this afternoon.  The drive really isn’t too bad at all.  Less than two hours.  An hour and a half if you do it right since I live on the east side of Ithaca and do not need to cross the city to get out here.

The drive went really well and I managed to drive straight to Kate’s parents’ house without making a single wrong turn the entire way (this was in the days before GPS or even having electronic maps on your mobile phone!)  The rehearsal went well.

Afterwards everyone else decided to stay at the Howard Johnson’s Inn in Norwich but since I lived so close, was carpooling with people and was short on cash I decided that it would be best if I drove back to Ithaca both tonight and tomorrow night.

It was quite late when I pulled back into Ithaca.  Not much sleep for me tonight.  Tomorrow will be a busy day.

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