So, I am the big dummy who managed to walk into a chair last night and break a toe or two. Yes, that would be me. Yes, I am in a little bit of pain. Ouch. So, now I am stuck in my room for the most part and will definitely have some time to update the site -}

Nate and I had a lot of fun touring the house yesterday, it is really nice. We are hoping that we can find some way to get it but it isn’t very likely. We are also very excited that our vanity plates have arrived for our RX-7 so we will have them mounted very soon so you can look for us around town.

Dominica came over last night and cooked dinner for Loopy. I think that that may have been the first actual cooked dinner in this house (other than microwave TV dinners, boxed Mac & Cheese, pizzas, etc.) since we moved in here. I was very impressed.

If anyone is following along with the video games that we are playing over here, Loopy is currently playing Black and White and it is pretty hilarious. What a weird idea for a game. I am playing the original Dragon Warrior on the Game Boy Color. I am all about retro gaming. I have some box sets of some pretty classic stuff like the Bard Tale Collection and the original SSI Dungeons and Dragons RPG’s. I am looking to find Deja Vu I & II on the Game Boy Color soon. Deja Vu I is one of my all time classic video games back from my Commodore Amiga 1000 days (yes, 16-bit gaming!) If you are into these retro games, you have to check out the Bard’s Tale, Deja Vu, the Faery Tale Adventure and King’s Quest I – IV. These are some of the greatest games of all time.

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