I have been reprimanded by Cara for mentioning Dominica’s cooking for us and not mentioning that a few months ago Cara came over and cooked for the entire Llama household so here I am, mentioning it now. Thanks Cara, we loved it. I was also reprimanded for mentioning my broken toe and not mentioning that Dominica had a crippling migraine on Monday night after cooking for Loopy. I am at least happy to see that people are really reading the site often enough to yell at me about things on it -}

My toe is doing better, I can walk again today instead of the hobbling that I did yesterday. I had to go to the dentist yesterday and they told me that I have to have all of my wisdom teeth out. I am not looking forward to that. Tonight, Nate, Dominica and I are heading over to Collegetown for a little Karaoke. That is always a dangerous proposition. We are coming up on the six month anniversary of our site. We started posting regularly sometime around January or February. Our archives only go back to Feb, 19 but I know that we were up a little bit longer than that.

If anyone is looking for the ultimate in bizarre video game experiences, you HAVE to check out Nintendo’s old SNES title Earthbound (or Mother 2 as it was known in Japan.) This game is totally wacky. It is an RPG/Adventure mix that is completely off of the wall. There was a game called Mother made in Japan and sometimes called Earthbound 0 in the US that is very, very hard to find anything about but there are people who can find the ROM burns of it. There was going to be a sequel made for the N64 but it never got finished and there are rumors about it going to the GB Advance but that doesn’t look very promising. If you can, find an SNES or a SNES emulator and check out this awesome game. It is well worth your time. Josh and I both played and beat the game and thought that it was totally cool. You can find some real hardcore fanatics for the game still lurking around around www.starmen.net.

Four contiguous days of updates now, I think that this might be a record or something! Actually, I just looked it up, it is a record. Wow, we are pretty cool now.

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