Wow, what a day the site had yesterday. I think that this may be the single busiest twenty four hour period ever on the site. Not only have we been having high traffic levels (everyone under the sun has been contacting me about the site) but also we have a lot of new content added and problems resolved. We managed to fix that stupid Javascript error, found some spelling errors, added to the list of What?!? movies, added new poetry and funnies and added the new Links section. And on top of all of that, we are having our sixth straight day of updates to the site, doubling our previous record. I know that you are all impressed. Not only are there updates coming on a regular basis, but the updates are big ones too! Still no new “Letter to the Editor” since Christmas, I suggest that everyone bug Tim about getting some new material in.

Dominica cooked for us again last night. Nate and I were expecting to be out of town but we ended up staying so we got to eat here. It has become quite the dining experience here. Dominica has announced her intentions of competing with Josh as the head Pseudo Llama. So Josh is coming here tomorrow so that they can battle it out (or something like that.) Anyway, we had a combo dinner of Italian Sausage, Polish Sausage and Boca Fake Veggie Sausage. It was interesting.

I am beginning to think of writing the dailies for this site as kind of like being a morning radio talk show guy. I write things that people read during the day and I can’t hear anyone but I am writing all alone and can’t see anyone reading them. It is kind of weird. I only have things going on in my life to write about so it is kind of boring but on the other hand, I am sure that that makes it kind of morbidly interesting. It is official, I have called you all morbid. But don’t get me wrong, I love having people come and read the site. I can’t believe how popular we are becoming. I just hope that we didn’t lose our large Elmira Heights contingency during our downtime and name change. I am sure that a lot of people thought that we had gone down for good.

Today we are instigating a new thing. The Nate quote. The quote today is “That couch is as close to black as you can get… …while still being blue.” We thought that that was pretty weird. I would also like to quote him as saying “Clashed Out Loud.” I don’t even know what that means!

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