I am having a weird problem with the site on my computer. When I refresh the page using F5 (I am using Internet Explorer 5.5 SP1) sometimes the navigational bar on the left shows up as white for a really long time. Is anyone else having that problem?

I am very impressed by the number of people that are coming to the site on a regular basis! I have never gotten so much email about the site before. This is very encouraging.

Last night we tried to head out to Collegetown for some karaoke but we were told the wrong night and ended up just getting pizza at the Nine’s and heading home. This Saturday night, though, is Margaritaville in Slayterville at the Crooked Board so everyone should come out and join the Llamas at our regular place for some karaoke (Sat. the 28th.)

My foot is feeling a lot better and Dominica’s migraine has subsided so we are all doing much better over here. Loopy bought a new Game Boy Advance last night and it is pretty cool. Nate and Josh are marching the Hilton Parade tonight, I would like to go but I don’t think marching on my foot would be the best of ideas. Our friends, Bob and Heather, are moving back to New York from Montana this weekend and Josh will be helping them to move into their new place in Binghamton. I was planning on spending part of the weekend at Josh’s and he had planned on spending part of it here. Oops 🙂

For anyone who uses Opera to look at our site … Opera 5.12 has been released so you can go and update to the latest version at their web site. We are big Opera supporters here. Opera is a free web browser that is very nice to use and blazing fast. Opera can be downloaded for free from www.Opera.com.

BTW, five days of updates! Whoo-hoo.

Dominica is determined to be the official cook of the house, I guess, and so she is cooking for Loopy again tonight. Nate and I will be out of town and so do not get cooked for again. She is still giving me a hard time for mentioning my broken toe and not her migraine!

Major site work done today! Josh pointed out to me that there was a number of pages that had a Language=Javascript header on some browsers. So, that has been taken care of now. So have some other little things. You may notice that some pages have changed. The weird expanding text for links should all be gone now.

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