Late last night, Nate, Bob and I went out to the driving range and each hit a bucket of balls. I haven’t been to a driving range in so long. I think it has probably been five years since I hit a golf ball and eleven years since I played a round of golf. I am up early this morning hoping that we will be able to head down to the city course and play nine holes but they ended up not being open yet. So, at least I am up early.

The RX-7 is STILL not out of the shop. It has now spent over an entire month in the shop in the six weeks that we have owned the car. Believe me, this is getting to be a little bit frustrating. After spending an entire month in the shop, we will have had new mufflers and a new intake manifold gasket put on and a new headlamp on one side and battery terminal connectors. That is it. I could have done the last two items myself in 30 minutes or less. We might have the radio antenna fixed but this waits to be seen. Mufflers can be done in under an hour at many places. It really makes you wonder.

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