Ok gang, you are never going to believe this but … we got the Mazda out of the shop and it is finally fixed! Nate and I are so happy. I drove the RX-7 down to Pittsburgh on Monday just to try it out. It is running great. [Jumping up and down.] Sorry that it has been so long since an update, I have been pretty busy.

We are trying out a new font sizing system for the site, so let us know what you think. It is a whole lot easier to read a whole lot more now, I hope.

Loopy, Dominica and I went out wine tasting on Sunday. That was a lot of fun. We went up the Cayuga Lake Wine Trail on the west side of the lake and managed to hit three wineries before it was too late in the day. I also managed to get out to the Ithaca Farmer’s Market for the first time this past weekend. They have some pretty cool stuff there, you should all go check it out. It is probably better to go on Saturday, though, because there are more vendors there.

Golf has been a main activity around here the past week. Bob, Tim, Nate and I actually got out and played a game of it on Thursday and we were able to make two additional trips out to the driving range as well in the past week. That is more than we ever do. Plus, we have a game scheduled for August 18th. So I am finally getting back into it. I hadn’t played a game of golf in eleven years, so I am pretty rusty.

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