I am talking to both Josh and Sara on Yahoo! Messenger right now as I write today’s update so I am really working hard here. I can barely keep up with talkin’ to both of them as it is.

I finally got a day at home today. It is so nice to be home and to not have to go anywhere for an entire day. I did get a chance to have dinner with Bob at Ithaca’s new Bistro Q. It was a very nice place, we really enjoyed it. It sits right on the water and the atmosphere is nice.

I like the way that the fonts look so I think that they are going to stay. Keep tuned to see how the rest of the site begins to look as the fonts begin to spread onto the rest of the site.

Nate and I took the Mazda into the shop again today (just for a few hours) and we got the antenna fixed so that we can listen to the radio now. That makes the car a lot nicer. We have an appointment for the car next week to have four new speakers installed in the car. Eventually, the car won’t be in the shop anymore … ha ha. It will never not be in the shop.

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