Finally we have some good news about the car! Nate and I drove up to Farmington (north of Canandaigua) to pick up the car and when we got there, they had magically fixed the window. So, needless to say we are very happy that our window is now in good working order.

Today is Dominica and Mandy’s birthdays so everyone give them a good spanking when you see them. We will be celebrating with a big Llama party down at Maxie’s Supper Club on State Street tonight and then a migration over to the Bear Lodge in College Town for some karaoke.

Not much to report since yesterday. I have been putting in a lot of time on the site. The new changes aren’t up yet but I think that everyone is going to like the new facelift when it goes online sometime in the next few weeks.

Tomorrow Eric, Nate and I are taking Josh out for his first ever round of golf. This will be dangerous.

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