Well, believe it or not, the Mazda has to go back into the shop this week. This time the speaker on the driver’s door, the antenna, the dash board radio faceplate all need to be fixed because they were not put back together the last time that the car was in the shop and the front license plate holder needs to be attached to the car now that it has finally arrived at the shop. So the saga continues. In addition to this story, there is also a side story…

I have been going to the same dealer now for a few weeks to have the RX-7 worked on up in Canandaigua. I have talked with them about getting a 2002 Mazda Protege5, standard in Yellow (yes, just like the Zoom Zoom ads.) I was told that I could not order the car and that I would have to get something else because Mazda had not yet decided whether or not they were going to make the yellow cars since they took such an effort to paint. Well, I wasn’t too happy about that since the Mazda web site and publications had led me to believe that I could get this car. So, I went up there on Friday to order either a blue or silver Protege5 instead. When I arrived at the dealer, I saw a yellow Protege5 in the back of the lot. I went inside and talked to the salesman and asked about the car. He informed me that that one was not for sale because someone had ordered it. I asked why someone else had been allowed to order one and I had not been since they obviously knew that the car was coming when they told me that it was not being made since it would have to have shipped by that time. I was told that they &quotmust have had a good reason.” Well, that gave me a good enough reason to hop into the RX-7 and haul my butt up to Rochester and drive right into John Holtz Porsche-Audi-Mazda on West Henrietta Road. I walked in the door and asked if they could order me a Yellow. 5-Speed 2002 Protege5 with a sunroof. They said sure. I said ” I’ll take it.” They said, &quotThat is the lowest pressure sale that we have ever made.” So, now I have the car that I want on order and it should be arriving in 2-4 months.

So that is the exciting world of Scott’s cars recently. At least the RX-7 has been running well now. That is a big relief.

The new house is still not done. Today is four weeks after when we were “expected” to move in. There is no sewer line run yet so that is holding things off just a little bit. They ran six Ethernet lines into Loopy and my rooms but didn’t know how to terminate them (as if there weren’t Ethernet lines in every other room of the house and in every other house that they had built) so we had to spell it out for the electrician. Who knows when the house is going to be done. Today we cancelled our second truck scheduled for the move. Anthony has been living in the basement here in our old house now for two weeks and Tim had to move into the dining room today. This place is starting to get a little bit crowded. I am looking more and more seriously at buying a house and putting all of this nonsense behind me. Our lease is getting shorter everyday that we are not moved into that house. Soon it won’t even be worth the effort of moving. Part of me hopes that the whole things just falls through so that we don’t have to deal with it anymore. It is just such a hassle and it isn’t getting us anywhere.

The font has been moved back up to the old size because we got a lot of complaints and no one really seemed to be liking the new smaller font. I am going to try to keep these updates coming, especially now that the school year is back in session and everyone checks the page all of the time. Look for some new pictures soon since this weekend is the infamous Party at the Pond. At least we don’t have to worry about moving during the party.

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