October 31, 2001

Happy Halloween everyone! Did everyone dress up as a Llama this year? Wouldn’t have that have been cool? I think so. Well, it is almost 5 am as I write this so you will have to forgive me if I start to run a little bit long tonight and I may not end up making any sense. Today was an exciting day in the Llama house as Loopy and I received our new Hewlett-Packard 1200n LaserJet printer complete with JetDirect 175 printer server. We are very excited. It is a really nice laser printer that we have located on a new printer utility table in the upstairs hallway (I will get a pic on here eventually) between my and Nate’s rooms. Having a laser printer will be nice as it saves money in the long run and it is nice to no longer have to go into Nate’s room to get print outs off of the networked printer that was always in there. Now we have two networked printers and another one that will be online soon. We are out of control. But the printer looks very nice in the hallway, we are very happy with it. And it prints quickly too! In addition to getting the new printer, I also picked up a new HP 3400Cse scanner at a bargain too! We have been operating without a working scanner since we only have a bargain one and when we upgraded to Windows 2000, it didn’t work anymore. So it is nice to have one again. And this one is a bit nicer than the old one anyway. So maybe some old pics from around this place will start to find their way onto the web site once I get this thing up and running!

So, I am having even more car problems now. It never ends. Now I have an electrical short in my Buick that causes one of the circuits to short out every time that I hit a large bump or turn sharply to the left. And it isn’t just any circuit either. Nope. It is the circuit that controls the voltage meter and so when this circuit shorts, the warning beeper starts going off. And just stays going off. Let me tell you, I have learned how to install a fuse while driving!

Happy November everyone. This will be our first full month in our new house! Pics of the house soon, I swear! Hey, speaking of pictures, I was supposed to get pics from a lot of people who took them at the last New Year’s Party and no one has sent me any. I need them sent to me so that I can post them up to the site!

I am still playing Ago of Empires II. I have added the Conquerors expansion pack now so I have more variety. I am oh so addicted. Is anyone out there in Llama land playing AoE2 yet? I need someone to play online with!! I just can’t stop playing.

Next week, I am going to be out of town. Business trip to Washington and Anderson, SC. Hopefully we will have figured out why Josh’s computer does not work by then and we will be able to have him doing the updates for us since I am not able to do them from there.

For all of our Linux fans… SuSE 7.3 is out and on the shelves. Go get it! Speaking of SuSE Linux, has anyone noticed that we now have Llama mail?!? How cool is that? I know that I mentioned it a few days ago but it is pretty cool, I figured that it was worth mentioning again. Also, don’t forget to plan on being here at the Llama house for New Year’s Eve as always. Matt Hoch has promised to perform for us again and Loopy will be, as always, hysterical. Details about the party should be available here as always, also.

Anyone looking for July’s updates can look for them in the archives, I am actually keeping up with moving things there more or less.

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