October 28, 2001

Well, Dana didn’t make it out to visit us this week until this weekend so it ended up being a very hectic weekend. There were many trips to places like Rochester and Utica. Josh made it down to visit this weekend too and so did Dominica’s sorority sister Amanda. Also, if you see Josh, ask to see his new dragon tattoo on his shoulder. He and Amanda got new tattoos at Crazy Joe’s in Avon on Saturday. Getting the tattoos ended up being a whole day task as they got there at 2pm without an appointment and waited until 10:30pm before they were able to leave. So that was longer than a normal work day!

I have discovered a new video game that I really love. I never thought that I would get into this game but I have and I recommend that anyone with a Windows machine kicking around to give it a try. Age of Empires II. This game is very entertaining and I am completely addicted now. Don’t pick it up until you are ready to really play it because you won’t want to put it down. My only Windows 2000 machine (my PIII 667 with 256MB) is in my ” office ” and so I have to hide in there to play!

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