November 10, 2001

Ok, so I am back from South Carolina. It was nice to be in a place that hasn’t seen any snow yet! It was also nice to be in a place where gas is only $.97!!! No, I am not kidding. Gas is incredibly cheap down there. We are really missing out up here in the cold north.

This is a short update today. Just letting everyone know that I am back safely and that I will be doing a more thorough update tomorrow. We had a number of visitors to our house today and I had little time to spend on the site.

Loopy’s video game is almost complete. It is very cool that we have a video game made right here in our house. Maybe we can convince him to let us download the game from our site so that all of you with DOS systems will be able to play it. Maybe we can even have a high score record thing or something.

Ok, it is bedtime for me and we all know how seriously I take that. – Scott

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