November 5, 2001

Well, today is going to be a short update compared to normal. I am writing this as I prepare to depart for the south where I will be all week. I have the car partially packed already and I am, overall, pretty set to go. I wish that I was able to stay at home all week but duty calls:) I was hoping that Josh was going to prepare an update for you this morning but he has neglected to do so. So you will have to do without his updates until the weekend when I am able to put them up on the site again.

I discovered some new products this week. In my quest to become a vegetarian, I have found (or more appropriately, been introduced to) Soy and Rice Milk. I never thought that these would be good but the actually are! I am very impressed with the tastiness of these products. I have not tried them plain but in chocolate and vanilla flavors, they are really excellent. I also found a new breath mint – Listerine Pocket Paks. These things are weird. They are like little scotch tape dispensers that dispense this strange breath mint tape stuff that dissolves in your mouth. Very, very weird.

I have been trying to do a little bit everyday to update the look at the site. If the site is a little bit inconsistent, bare with me.

Today was the first sticking snows of winter. I awoke this morning to a white and brown world. I love the first snow fall. It isn’t the white snow like January. It is a dirty snow. A melting snow of Autumn that has a magic all its own. A sign of change. A brisk breeze blowing through my open window that is cleaner than it has been for nine months. The first snow of winter always makes me want to stare out the window forever, watching the melting snow trip from the bare trees onto the muddy ground. Then to curl up with a good book. Not just any book, but an adventure with a moral. Books like Watership Down or Little Women. This is the perfect weather for that. This weather also makes me very productive. I never want to fall back asleep or just be lazy. I want to do things and go places before the hibernation of winter really sets in. This is the last chance to really do everything. To go outside, to take a walk. After this, now that Indian Summer has passed, all there is, is to hide inside until Spring appears.

So, I scheduled a consultation to see about having all of my wisdom teeth removed. In three weeks they will let me know what they can do. Fun. I want to have them all out by the end of December. That way I can start the new year without them, and then I can look into having some nasal surgery done as well. I don’t sleep at night very well because it is so bad. I want to have it drilled out so that I get more air through my nose.

Scott Alan Miller in High School Letterman Jacket circa 1993-1994

Ok, here is one of my favorite pictures of me (there aren’t very many) this one is taken at my parents house when I was about 19 or 20. I am wearing my letterman jacket from high school. York Central High swim team, Varsity Letter and two sectional championships while I was on the team. A whole lot more while Josh and Phil were on it. Anyway, I took this one myself on Kodak T-Max 100 B&ampW film. I really like that it is a self portrait. I used my Nikon 5005 SLR. This is back from the days when I used to work as a cover and sports photographer for the Livingston County News back in Geneseo, NY.

I had a lot of fun taking photographs but it just didn’t pay very well. Let me tell you, though, it is pretty exciting the first time that you find one of your photos on the cover of the newspaper. Even if it is just the local paper. I worked for them while I was a senior in high school.

Dana West (now Dana Qualls)

Here is a picture of Loopy’s little sister Dana who was up last weekend to hang out with us. She was up this weekend too, I guess. She has become quite the member of the gang. Here is a week old picture of her in our kitchen.

Here is one last picture of Loopy, Josh and I in San Diego. This is the three of us standing in front of the Pacific Ocean. This was the first (and only, so far) time that any of us had seen the western coast. I liked having this picture huge here so here we are:) Loopy seems a little surprised that he got his picture taken.

Andy West, Scott Alan Miller and Josh Relyea in front of Pacific Ocean in San Diego, CA

Ok, I think that this may be enough to leave you all with. I hope that my massive update and new pics will keep everyone happy while I am away in South Carolina. Look for new pictures soon. Now that we have a scanner and a digital camera, we are going to be out of control. I would also like to mention that our main page now takes well over six minutes to load for anyone using a 28.8 modem. Wow is that a lot of content. Imagine what this will be like when it all gets moved over to the archives! Talk to you all soon. Later – Scott

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