November 17, 2001

I have been hard at work getting the new look of SGL implemented for everyone. It takes a lot of work to get something this ambitious done. This is the most work that I have ever put into the look of the site. For now, all of the page design is still being done on Frontpage 2000 on my Windows 2000 computer but I check all of the pages using Mozilla 0.9.4. We did notice tonight that Internet Explorer has a parsing glitch and displays a small blue line next to some of our buttons. This is an IE problem and does not seem to occur in other browsers. I am not putting in extra work trying to compensate for Microsoft browsers. Sorry. Go Netscape. Go Opera. Whoo-hoo.

So, Dominica and I managed to get in to opening day of Harry Potter. I really enjoyed the book but I feel that the movie was a poor adaptation of it. I was fairly disappointed. With the incredible budget that they had and all of the hype, they should have been able to do a much better job than what they did. I think that the biggest shame was that so much of the feel of the book was lost. I understand that translating a book to the big screen is always a tremendous challenge but this seemed exceptionally poor, especially for a book that was shorter and so action oriented. Normally this type of literature lends itself well to the screen. The movie is surprisingly long, though, probably close to 140 minutes. It did not seem that long to me. Very easy to sit through. Oh well, now I am just looking forward to The Lord of the Rings. I have read the “Hobbit” all ready but have not actually read the Ring Trilogy. I know, I know, me of all people should have read it long ago. I will try to get out and read the book before I see the movie but that only gives me a couple of days so it will be quite the challenge.

I did manage to get one thing fixed on the site this evening as well. It seems that there was a picture on November 1 that was not working due to a problem with the file description. I think that that is fixed and working properly now. You can scroll down to that date and check out the picture. It is a good one, I think. Also I should mention, all of the images on this site are in the .PNG format. This format is free and does a wonderful job. I suggest that everyone use it! Our buttons are JPEGs just because the software that we use there does not produce .PNGs.

Well, I am off to Toronto today so I hope that you all enjoy the new look of the site (Loopy and Nate approved). Hopefully I can post again on Monday.

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