November 19, 2001

Well, Nate, Josh, Joe and I are back from Toronto. Another year Marching in the Santa Claus Parade. The parade went well. It was fun as always. This year we got to play for a crew from GlobalTV that stopped by to film us in the staging area. That was really cool. So there might be a little special on us. We played Frosty the Snowman for GlobalTV. The weather was a bit warm for us, we were quite sweaty by the time that we were finished. But it is easier to play when you are warm, so that was good. The four of us drove up to Toronto separately from the rest of the band because Joe had to perform in a wedding on Saturday. So we waited for him and went up later in a rental car. I am not going to go into details but let me tell you, NEVER rent from Hertz. What a pain. All of the Llamas would like to say hi to Natalie who marched with us and is from the Toronto area!

I have had a bit of positive feedback on the new look of the site. It sounds like everyone likes the changes. I am definitely much happier with this than with the previous look. I did get the chance to do some more work on the site this morning. Nothing serious, just fixing a few things here and there. Tweaking, for the most part. I did reduce the size of the big Pacific Ocean picture on this page. That cleaned up the page a little bit and will speed up the download.

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