November 20, 2001

Today is a busy day. The Nimda virus was discovered on the machine used to create this web site (BigBird for those familiar with out network.) So today was spent doing virus checks on as many machines as we could. Our primary web server (the one that you are using now, as a matter of fact) checked out clean. We are very lucky.

Loopy has a new Nintendo Game Cube that he has been busy playing now. He has Star Wars: Rogue Squadron on it.

Tomorrow I am driving to Ohio to see my family for Thanksgiving so there will most likely not be an update until after the gang Thanksgiving Dinner at Tahou’s on Thursday night. I have been busy getting this site updated as quickly as possible. We are almost done. Not too much left to do.

Today, also, we are adding the new Video Game section complete with downloads of video games made right here in the Llama house.

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