November 4, 2001

We had band practice in Caledonia today. That made for a lot of driving! I wish that things were closer. That would make my life a lot easier. Josh has official had his job moved to Victor so he nows works forty minutes closer to us than he did before. That will make life a bit easier for him traveling down here. Now he just has to find someplace to live in this direction. Josh has also, finally, submitted his first daily update to us so that will be included today as well.

Not much exciting to report on today, it was busy but very little happened. There is no growth in my pepper plants yet. I bought a basil plant that was still alive from Wegmans and we will see if it is able to survive in my hydroponic garden unit. Cross your fingers.

Tomorrow, I am going to be heading down to Washington, DC and then to South Carolina for the week so we are going to be short on updates since I am unable to post them to the site even if Josh and I are able to write them. I am pretty much computer-less while I am down there so don’t be worried if nothing gets posted for a week. Maybe Josh will keep writing updates while I am down there so that we will have a week of them to update the site with when I finally get back. I am going to have a lot of free time on my hands while I am in SC, I think, so maybe I will get a chance to read some of the Harry Potter that everyone is always wanting me to read. And maybe I can finish that Asimov novel that I have been reading as well. I hope so, it would be nice to have a break for a change. Something totally non-stressful.

I did get a chance, today, to do a little bit of updating on the site. Notice that we now have a Letters to the Editor directory page. Also notice that there are very few letters. That is because our audience is incredibly lazy! So write to me!

I heard, today, about another site visitor who spent some serious time learning all about the Llamas from our site. We get quite a few people doing that, I have noticed. I always suspect that we have very few people coming to the site but in reality, I keep running into people who have been checking it out on a regular basis. I am very happy. (I was told, however, that our pictures from the New Year’s Party, last year, are pretty boring. So if any of you are holding out on pictures from that, send them to me.) – Scott

Josh: Hey Llamas, this will be a first for me. I’m writing this on Sunday, so if Scott doesn’t put this up right away you’ll know. We still haven’t figured out why my machine can’t directly update the page automatically. So we do this the hard way. I first write everything down. Then e-mail it to Scott. He then puts it for up for everyone to read.

Everyone knows that I recently got a tattoo. If anyone out there is thinking about it think long and hard. It’s like having a fork poked in your body (wherever your having the tattoo) over and over again. The straight lines aren’t to bad, but anything that curls feels really painful (almost like ripping your skin open w/ a blunt instrument.)

We Llama’s, I gotta go for today but ill try and keep things as up to date as Scottly possible.

TTYL [:-)]

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