December 18, 2001

Well, I had quite the fever yesterday. I was in rough shape. Bob had the flu the day before and Dominica has been laid up since Friday morning with incredible back pain. So, we have practically become an infirmary. I am feeling much better this morning, though and Bob and Dominica have gone to work so I am assuming that everyone is feeling a bit better.

Tomorrow is my Calc II final. After 3pm I am done for the semester. I am supposed to be having a study group at my house this evening but I think that everyone is canceling because of the flu going around. But now I have to sit around and wonder if anyone is going to show up or not.

Well, I had to go get Dominica from work at lunch because she is much worse now and is not returning to work. I took her to the doctor today and she had X-Rays taken of her back. It turns out that she has a pinched disc in her fifth lumbar vertebrae. So she is in bad shape. She will be spending a lot of time with her chiropractor. At least she is able to spend some time getting good use out of my DVD collection.

Loopy got some new 3D glasses today that allow him to play Quake II & III in full 3D. It is really cool. He had to get a new monitor and some special hardware and software to do it but the effect is really nice. And we haven’t even had the chance to check it out at night yet. It should work even better in the dark.

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