December 19, 2001: Having My Widsom Teeth Removed

Well, today is the big day. All four wisdom teeth are coming out. This will be my first ever attempt at oral surgery. I haven’t been able to eat since last night. And I have not had any water since the middle of the night.

Loopy is driving me down to the surgeon in a little while. He is going to have a really exciting day, when he brings me back from surgery he has to almost immediately turn around and drive Dominica to the chiropractor. She had her X-Rays examined more thoroughly yesterday and she has a pinched and a compressed disc in her back. So she is in worse shape that we had thought. Dominica is off of work at least until January. Bob is still sick too. His flu is going on and on.

On top of everybody being sick, my mother had a car accident yesterday and may have totaled her car. She is ok, though. I have not been able to get a hold of my parents to find out the details of what is happening.

The Calc II final seemed to go ok. It is all over now no matter what. No more classes for at least a month. Whoo-hoo! Tim is already done for the semester. Nate and Bob are done on Friday.

Not much news beyond that. The RX-7 is in terrible shape after picking it up from Ontario Mazda this week but it limped into storage and is done for the winter. In the spring we will figure out what to do with it. Dominica’s new blue PR5 is in and we are supposed to be picking it up for her on Saturday (she can’t drive so I have to drive it!)

Looking Back [Written May 15, 2009] – As you can imagine, I did not end up writing all that much about having my wisdom teeth removed as I was busy with other things.

Andy (Loopy) drove me down to Johnson City, New York for my wisdom teeth removal in the late afternoon.  Beacuse all four teeth are coming out together the decision was made to just put me under and do the entire thing that way rather than using a local anesthetic and making me be awake for the whole thing.  I am very thankful for that.  I’ve never so much as had a cavity so this would have been rather a shocking experience.

Andy waited for me during the surgery which did not take all that long.  I was feeling pretty good when it was done and I was allowed to eat whatever I could get down.  I was starving since I had not eaten in a whole day and having been under full anesthesia gives you the munchies.

The oral surgeon told me to go get super extra ultra strength Tylenol and to start using it right away before the anesthesia completely wore off because I would be really sorry if I did not.  I told him that I was not interested and that he need not write a prescription for me but he insisted so I took the script, but I decided to not even get it filled as there was no way that I was going to take medicine for a little tooth surgery.

As we left the doctor I told Andy that I was really hungry and wanted to go to McDonald’s.  Andy was a bit incredulous but decided that if that was what I wanted then that was what we were going to get – crazy as it may seem.  So we went to McDonald’s where I got a Big Mac and a large French fry.  I had very little problem eating it either.  It was fine.

We got back to the house on Observatory Circle in Varna.  I relaxed for the evening while Andy drove Dominica out to her chiropractor appointment.  He is quite busy today carting us around.

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