December 26, 2001

Well, we finally have the Evil Petting Zoo stuff up and available for download on the music page. After all of this time. Only MP3s are available right now. More will be available later. Go and download some of our stuff. This stuff is cool. Loopy and I (mostly Loopy) made this music around 1998 during our working at the Days Inn Rochester Thruway days. What an exciting time that was. Anyway, this music is the best stuff we have to remember those days by. Those were great days. Most of this stuff was created on my old Digital Starion Pentium 75 computer running DOS with 24MB of memory. This music was made with Impulse Tracker. If you are interested in tracking, contact DJ Loopy, he is the man.

Canadian FlagHappy Boxing Day! In Canada, they celebrate the Feast of St. Stephens the day after Christmas. So we here at Sheep Guarding Llama celebrate it also. And contrary to popular belief, Boxing Day is not the day we celebrate returning unwanted Christmas gifts.

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