December 24, 2001

Ok, one last quick update before I hit the road for the holidays. On Saturday, Dominica made it to Rochester to pick up her new 2002 Mazda PR5, automatic, Midnight Blue Mica with a moon roof. That is the fourth Mazda in six months for the llamas. While Dominica is unable to drive because of her back, I am driving her new car!

My teeth aren’t doing too badly. I am getting better slowly. I have given up on eating solid foods as they get packed into the empty sockets and that really hurts. Right now I have a bit a black pepper stuck in there and it is pretty uncomfortable. But I am figuring out how to deal with them a little bit better everyday. I have to go back for a one week check up on Thursday.

Well, I hope that everyone has a happy holidays. I will see many of you on New Year’s Eve and some of you over Christmas in Perry. Updates might resume sometime this week. I am expecting to be in Ithaca on Wednesday and Thursday. Friday through New Year’s Eve, I will be working in Rochester with Eric, John and Dad.

Canadian FlagNatalie and Miranda, our Canadian contingency, will be arriving on our “shores” in just six days. They will be here for the Llama New Year’s Bash and then traveling to see the sites in New York City with Josh and I on January 2nd and 3rd. I added this information since there hasn’t been a Canadian update all during the month of December. I didn’t want them to feel left out without a Canadian flag on the main page. Natalie pointed out to me that the points on the Maple Leaf on the Canadian flag each represent one of the provinces.

January 4th is the Kelley’s Heroes Christmas Party. I add this for those band members who don’t pay attention to their emails.

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