January 22, 2002

Ok, the big news for the day is the huge updates to the Pictures section. Nine more pictures have been added to the New Year’s Eve pics and a new page of pics from the Canadian’s trip to New York City has been added. I am still waiting for more pictures from both of these events from people. I am hoping to get some more this weekend.

I am playing at home with a new laptop and wireless internet access. It is really cool. I can work on the site from anywhere now. I am having a lot of fun with that.

Another piece of the Mandrake installation sage. Even though I managed to get the Sims installed and working on Dominica’s computer, I was never able to get 3D graphics acceleration to work – even though she has a $200 GeForce 3 Ti 200 card in her machine, just like Mandrake suggests having. So I finally had enough and I installed SuSE Linux 7.3 and was able to, in just one evening, install the entire operating system, get the Sims installed AND make the graphics card work. Whoo-hoo. No more Mandrake for me!

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