February 25, 2002: Scott Turns 26

Yes, updates are really coming. And… today is my big 26th birthday. I just made it home today so don’t complain about me not putting updates up yet. I am working on it, trust me. Dominica and I are going to Banfi’s at the Statler Hotel for dinner. I am very excited.

After fifty hours of John working on his computer and another five hours of me working on it, we finally have audio functioning on John’s computer that he built (similar to the ones that Josh and I are building.) It turned out to be an operating system problem (Win2K) and not a problem with the hardware that we were working with so that was a relief. But boy was that a lot of work. We also got TV tuning working on Dominica’s computer.

Last week, Loopy, Bob and I finally got the chance to play our first game of Quake II this year! It was a lot of fun but we are terribly out of shape. We just aren’t as good as we used to be. It was fun though, I miss our regular gaming sessions. I am hoping to convince everyone to play some AoE2 tonight but I doubt that that will really happen. We all have too much to do. Check out more Llama content in our 2001 Archives. (The archives as such no longer exist as the site was migrated to WordPress.)

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