February 26, 2002

Don’t get excited but this is two updates in a row. It is so nice to be at home again. I miss my house. I miss my bed. Most of all I miss my computer:) I hate having to work on a laptop.

At least while I have been away I have had a chance to pick up a lot of great movies on DVD! My collection is really doing well.

I got to have birthday dinner last night at Banfi’s at the Statler Hotel here in Ithaca. What a great place.

IthacaPortal.com has actually had some work done to it over the last day. I am glad to say that it is finally updated, as well as this site. It really needed it. It looks better too.

Trillian .725 is out now and it allows you to, once again, connect to AOL Instant Messenger. I am sure that they will try to block us again shortly but for now we are back online.

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