March 28, 2002

I am back from Washington, I arrived home around 1:00am this morning. I have come to be very addicted to listening to Books on CD while in the car. I normally am unable to do so because my old Buick does not have a CD player in it but I have been using Dominica’s car all week and it has both so I have been listening to quite a number of recordings. So far, my favorite has been “The Lord of the Rings” from the BBC Radio broadcasts of 1981. It is a theatrical performance so it is quite exciting. Much like watching the movie but without the ridiculous video game computer graphics!

For all of you looking for a cool web site… try out Miranda’s very own MyMiranda.Net. Loopy has been keeping some hilarious content up there… changing almost daily! So keep checking back. Whoo-hoo.

Eric is coming down to Ithaca to work today. He should be arriving shortly so I am trying to finish this update before he arrives. I have gotten positive feedback on the new look of the site – using the new CSS. It is a lot more fun to work with this way too. I am currently getting the site validated by the W3C (the World Wide Web consortium that sets the web standards) for compliance with both HTML and CSS standards. You will see the validation icons appear at the bottom of the menu area when I finally get that done.

I want to say hi to Joe who has been watching the site religiously as of late. We are going to be adding a Bio section for him (with a huge yellow button just like the rest of us have) and we will have pictures of his new house in Greece.

I have new updates from Anne but have not had a chance to get them up on the site yet. I hope to do so sometime today.

Loopy, Bob, Dominica and I had the chance to sit down and play some Age of Empires 2 with four players – two on two – the other day. What a blast that was. We had a great time. Dominica and I won but only by a very small margin. We are hoping that Josh and Eric will come down sometime soon so that we can try out playing with six players, two on two on two and really see some cool action. We might also try putting Josh on Loopy and Bob’s team and Eric on mine to even things out a little bit. What a great game that is. For anyone who hasn’t tried it – I suggest that you get out and play it. It is starting to come down in price so it is no longer all that expensive. If you have a fast computer and really think that you will get into that kind of game – I suggest jumping straight to Sierra’s Empire Earth which is mostly a high powered sequel to AoE2.

Ok, well, Eric just arrived so I have to go. Have a fun Llama day!

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