March 29, 2002

I managed to get a ton of work done on the site yesterday. The 2001 Archive page (by far our largest page right now) was gone through and thoroughly modified to work with our new CSS scheme and as much of the unnecessary HTML was stripped out to reduce the size of the page. The page should download signigicantly faster now. The 2002 Archive page was updated this morning.

Flag of BelgiumIn addition to updating the pages, I forgot to mention yesterday that Anne’s Bio entry number thirteen is now available from her Bio page. Anne is, by far, the second largest contributor to Sheep Guarding Llama with 14 pages of content devoted just to her! A large number of our readership come here just to read her updates, I think.

So Eric made it here yesterday and we had a chance to play another game of four player AoE2 with Loopy and Bob. That game is so much fun with a large number of players. Eric and I won very quickly – collecting all the relics early on in the game. We tried to play another round later but Eric had to leave and we weren’t able to complete the game 🙁

I should also mention that all content from before March has been moved off into the appropriate archive. I am going to try to keep this main page a little smaller so that it loads faster as many people are looking at the site over a slow phone connection and we just have an absolute ton of content on here. Not significant content, mind you, but lots of it. Over the last year, this site has really grown and it is just huge now. We definitely did more with this site than we ever expected to. Everyone I know goes to this site on a regular basis (except for the guys who actually live in this house – go figure.) But once we all move away I expect that they will come to this site too to see what is going on.

Nate, Zach and Bob headed down to New York City last night to spend the weekend. I guess they don’t feel that they should be at home with their families over Easter! Just kidding. Dominica and I are going to visit my family tomorrow and her family on Sunday. Tonight we are headed to Rochester after work to hang with Josh and Phil. We are planning on going to see Panic Room tonight. That will be fun, we seldomly get to see Josh and we never get to see Phil. And, we have yet to get to meet Josh’s new woman! So maybe we will get to see her tonight – but we won’t hold our breath.

The weather is wonderful here today. The sun is shining, the snow is gone, the windows are open! I even went and turned off the thermostat in the house to be sure the heater would not kick on and I started opening windows all over the house. Spring is definitely here. The stream in the gulley behind the house is gurgeling so loudely that I can here it in the house. This is one of those days when I am very glad that I am able to work from home.

I am having one of my reading spurts again. It isn’t very often that I get a change to read fiction but I have been reading a little bit recently. I just finished David Edding’s Pawn of Prophecy which is book one of the Belgariad that Dominica got me for Christmas (five books in total.) I finished book one while I was in DC – I read it all in one day and now I am working on book two, Queen of Sorcery. I am a big fan of fantasy and science-fiction. I am glad that I am getting a chance to read a little bit. It is so seldom that I get to that I really enjoy it when the chance comes along.

Canadian FlagI actually had a brief moment to chat with Natalie this morning. She has been working a lot at her new position at the Air Canada Center and hasn’t been able to get online to talk. Eric is the only one who has been able to find her (lazy bastard – sitting at his computer all day long.)

Anne informed me that Miranda’s birthday should have been her Golden Birthday not her Champagne Birthday. Personally, I have no idea what either of them are so I am not getting into the middle of it.

When I copied over the Archive files, Archives 2001 went from 167KB of text down to 141KB which is a pretty significant decrease and Archives 2002 went from 24KB to 25KB but included the month of February that had been moved to there.

For purposes of testing the web site here at the Llama house, we are now running an Apache web server on the same machine that I use to create the web site. It is very handy to be able to see the site running on an actual server before sending it up to be hosted on the web.

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