March 8, 2002

Eric managed to stop by yesterday and have some lunch. This is his first time making it out to our new house! Can you believe it. We have been here for five months now. We grabbed lunch at the Heights Cafe & Grill. It was amazing but I won’t bore you with the details. All of that is available in the review at Ithaca Portal. That is The Heights Cafe Review.

So last night, for the first time in ages, we actually sat around and played a little CircleMUD 3. We haven’t played that since Josh, Loopy and I lived in Greece in 1999. It was very nostalgic to get to play again. Josh played from Rochester and Min and I played here in Ithaca. We ran the system on, of all things, my laptop. It worked on though. Can’t complain. In fact, it is still running now. I don’t know how long we will keep it running – and the address is subject to change – but sometime in the future we will get a real solid one up and running. You can go to your command prompt (or xterm in UNIX) or MS-DOS prompt on Windows 9x and simply type ” telnet 4000 ” and it should connect you right up. If you want an even better experience, find a nice telnet client or MUD client to help you out.

Dominica’s car insurance ran out at midnight last night so that was exciting. We spent much of the day dealing with that. It is all settled now and she can legally drive again.

For my birthday, Dominica’s mom got me a bag of really cool Russian chocolates. I have been eating a bit of them every day. I am almost out now. They are really good. They are quite interesting – very different than the chocolates that you find most places.

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