March 9, 2003

Sorry about falling behind again with the site, it is hard to keep up when I am out of town and then back for just a couple of days. I am leaving for Schenectady again first thing in the morning but this time I am only going for one or two nights at most so I will be back in Ithaca no later than Wednesday. I am looking forward to wrapping up this project. It has really been going on for quite some time. I am happy for the work, though, it has really beed a life saver for all of us. Today I put some work into my computer setup at home… I have added the four port KVM switch in so that I can have more computer running at the same time without taking up any additional space. I didn’t have great luck when connecting to my flat panel monitor, though, so I am going to re-do the entire setup to use my traditional Compaq CRT that is sitting behind me. In the long run, that will probably be a better system anyway. I just hating setting everything up and then taking it all down again.

In addition to my regular work in Schenectady, I am working for Anthony’s Canal Side Restaurant both tomorrow and Tuesday nights – so I will be really busy while I am out there. But, at least there is more free food in store for me.

Dominica is seriously considering entering the accelerated Nursing program at the University of Rochester Med Center in a year. This pretty much means that Min, Loop and I will be relocating back to Rochester – but who really knows.

Min and I went out to brunch today at Stella’s in Collegetown. They have the most amazing brunch and today they had a really good specialty menu. We both got the Mushroom and Acorn Squash Bisque and Portobello Fries for starters and our main meals were French Toast with Brie and Pear Sauce. It was the most amazing meal. We had so much food that we couldn’t even begin to eat it all. Min ended up bring quite a bit of it home with her.

Min, Loopy and I finished watching the first season of Father Ted today. The last two episodes were a big improvement over the earlier ones. Loopy left after that and Min and I watched The Tailor of Panama with Geoffery Rush and Pierce Brosnan. Do not watch that movie. It was awful. After that Bob and Loopy watched Empire Strikes Back downstairs while Min and I finished watching Shipping News after months of having been halfway through it.

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