April 16, 2002

What a day it has been. This has to be short as I am about to run out the door to head down to Owego to work at Lockheed – Martin. I am there all week. This is my second day. It isn’t very exciting but it is okay. Nothing stressful, at least. All I am doing is backing up computer and installing new ones, really. Monkey work. But, whatever. It is all good.

Today is Josh’s 26th so everyone be sure to wish him a happy birthday!!

It was hot here today. Almost 90 degrees (or, very hot, to you Canadians.) Last night Loopy and I decided that we had to have the air conditioner on because even with all of the windows open, it was just unbearable being in the house. So, we turned that on and put fans sucking air up from the upstairs vents to help pull cold air to the upper floor. The house did not cool down, however, and in fact was over 81 degrees by the time that I returned home from work. So, Loopy and I set off to find the air conditioner and see if we could clean it out or something since no cold air seemed to be coming from the vents. We were unable to locate the air conditioner. A little later, Nate and Bob got home. We told Bob that the a/c unit must be located in the closet in his room but he said that he only had the furnace. So then the question was, where is the a/c? The answer? They forgot to install it. Originally, they had forgotten the furnace. They also forgot the front walkway which has been just a frame since we moved in six months ago. So, this is going to be interesting.

Well, kids, I am out of time and have to hit the road. Have a good one.

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