April 20, 2002

Dominica’s computer is up and running and it is awesome. John was the first one to get his machine all together and mostly working. Dominica’s is the first one to be completely working – sound and all. The ASUS A7V333 main board really rocks. We loaded up all kinds of video games for her and she has been playing the Sims since she has been in withdrawal for the last week while her computer has been apart.

Josh and Joanna managed to come down to Ithaca today. Josh is looking at house options with us as we consider buying or building somewhere in the area. We met at the Bistro Q for dinner and drinks. Everything was wonderful, we had a great time. That is one of the best restaurants to take people to to just hang out. We were lucky that we got seated in the private dining room because they were so busy because it is a lot quieter in there.

Tomorrow, we are planning on going wine tasting on the west side of Cayuga Lake and having brunch at either Rogue’s Harbor or Banfi’s at the Statler Hotel. They both have incredible brunches.

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