April 21, 2002

Just a quick update today. We are about to head out to brunch. I am heading out of town tomorrow afternoon to fly to New Orleans with Eric. We are working in Hattiesburg, MS on Tuesday morning so we only get a little time in the Big Easy. One day in Mississippi. Then on to Anderson, SC for Eric and Atlanta, GA for me. Then we will be working in Anderson and Washington for the rest of the week. We have a lot of work to do down there. We will be very busy. It should be fun, though. We are looking forward to the trip. We each have laptops that we are taking (PIII 1GHz and Athlon4 1.3 GHz.) and I am bringing my GameBoy Advance with me as well. So we should be able to entertain ourselves.

I will be doing a much larger update tomorrow. I am not going to be able to update during the week, I would imagine, so if I am not updating for a few days – just hold on. I will attempt to write on the laptop while we are in the south and post all of the updates when I get back. Then you can hear about all of my adventures.

This month may be the busiest ever for the site. Both in people reading it and in overall postings. Normally we have three months or so on the first page but April alone is a bit long! And our loyal readers have been active this month as well. Joe told me that he was really reading the site even when he was in Tenessee.

Dominica is busy playing the Sims today. She is so happy to have her computer back. Now, Loopy, Josh and I are getting anxious to get our up and running. Too bad that it costs so much to do. I have almost everything that I need for mine. Josh and Loopy each have just a little bit. I hope to do mine as soon as I am back from the south.

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