April 23, 2002

Boy where we glad to wake up this morning and be in Mississippi. The weather is great today. A little overcast and that perfect warmth. The company that we came down to meet with decided to push off our meeting until the afternoon so we had some time to relax this morning. Breakfast started at Waffle House with Eric getting grits. He is addicted to them now.

I think that this month may be the longest month on Sheep Guarding Llama yet. With all of the people reading the site and with the updates coming from Anne on a regular basis, this may be our busiest month for traffic to the site as well.

Speaking of Anne, I have her update number sixteen but I will not be able to post that update until I am back in New York.

After our meeting in Hattiesburg, MS (which was very positive,) Eric and I headed back to Waffle House for some lunch and then hit the road to head out to Atlanta. The drive to Atlanta went pretty quickly and was relatively uneventful. It was only about six hours to Atlanta total. We had to drive across Alabama and that was the bulk of the drive. The weather was good for driving.

We arrived in Atlanta at 10:30 at night and checked into the Sleep Inn in Douglassville just to the west of the city. We headed on over to the Walmart that was in the same parking lot as the hotel. Eric looked at Game Boy Advances and I picked up three DVDs, Drunken Master, Apocolypse Now Redux and Lola Rennt (Run Lola, Run.) We ran out and got some Taco Bell and headed back to the hotel. Luckily, I have this new laptop that has a built in DVD player so we watched Drunken Master (Jackie Chan.) Eric fell asleep about halfway through the movie. I managed to finish it but was pretty sleepy by the time it was over.

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