April 24, 2002

Wednesday morning. We had to get up early this morning so that we could head into Atlanta and tour Capital Internet’s Colo-Atlanta facility. We are looking at locating SGL there. The tour went well. We had a good time. The facility is small and was having a lot of construction done so it was a pretty silly tour. It really felt like touring someone’s basement with a lot of computers in it. (Remind you of anyone?)

After the tour, we head to, you guessed it, Waffle House. More grits. Then it was back on the road heading to Anderson, SC. We managed to get to Anderson early enough that we were able to work at the hospital for most of the afternoon. We were actually able to be very productive, even after all of that driving.

Being in Anderson was nice because we knew where the food was and how to get around. We stayed at our usual, the Comfort Suites. They know us by site there. Tonight is the first night that we had a little time to relax. We watched Run Lola, Run – a really interesting German film and then we walked down to the hotel bar and got a few drinks and ordered in a pizza. Then we headed back to the room and watched some of Apocolypse Now Redux. We managed to make it through about forty minutes before we just needed to get to bed. It was nice to have not to travel after having to drive anywhere after work. It wasn’t much time off but it was something. We needed to relax a little.

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