April 28, 2002

Boy is it nice to be home. A whole week of living in hotel rooms can really wear on you. I forgot to mention previously that I was able to get a copy of Thumbtanic and Eric and I watched it two nights ago. Everyone has really been looking forward to seeing it. From a first viewing, it isn’t as good as the other two. Dominica and I watched it last night and I think that it is a little bit better than I thought that it was the first time but it still moves too slowly compared to Thumb Wars.

Dominica is unable to walk today. She has been watching movies all day. Tomorrow she will be going into Cortland Memorial Hospital for her first MRI.

It is finally raining here in Ithaca. That wonderful early spring rain that only falls once or twice a year. This is my favorite weather of all. I got the opportunity to actually and sit and read by the window today. I have already read about half of the third Harry Potter book, The Prisoner of Azkaban. So far, it is really good. Min says that it is the best of the HP books and so far I think that she is right. This book is quite a bit longer than the previous two books. I will be through this one in now time but then I will have to wait until July for the fourth book to release in soft cover. I would be happy to buy the book in hard cover but I hate having to deal with big, bulky hard cover books. Plus it wouldn’t match my other three HP books.

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