April 27, 2002

Finally, after a week away from home, Eric and I are heading home today. What a long and busy week it has been.

Next week, on Friday, Dominica and I are heading out to Houston, TX to visit her sister. This will be my first time to the Texas region. I am hoping to have a chance to meet a friend of mine who lives in Mexico as well while I am there. We are going for five days. I hope that they get a cold spell while we are there. I am not designed well for this hot weather. It should be fun, though. I expect that we will be going to the zoo (I LOVE the zoo) and I am able to bring my laptop with me – so I can continue to work as usual. Plus, it will give me some time to start preparing for the classes that I am planning on taking this semester. I am hoping to be able to schedule a full time work load this summer at Empire State (www.esc.edu.)

I forget to mention previously that Nate has his new 2001 Black Ford Explorer Sport, now. He got it this week while I have been away. Hopefully, this one won’t burn up on him. He might be driving it home to show to his family today. I might be picking him up there. I don’t really know what is going on.

Dominica threw her back out yesterday, so she is laid up again for the time being. And of all times, she had to through it out on her very last day of work at her old job. She is having an MRI done on Monday.

Eric got completely trashed last night, it was really hilarious. You can thank Rob and JJ at Island Jim’s for setting him up all night. This was Eric’s first trip to Island Jim’s to see where we all hang out here in DC. Now he is officially one of the crew. On the way home we stopped by Borders and picked up some books. I got a new book on Java programming and Eric got one on HTML and XHTML. Can you believe that Eric actually bought a book – and a computer book at that. Isn’t this world a crazy place?

Right now, Eric is playing video games on John’s amazing video game machine (Athlon XP 1900+, Soyo Dragon+, GeFroce3 Ti 500.) John has a full 3D setup like Loopy’s so Eric is playing games like Deus Ex in that. Eric managed to pick up a copy of Deus Ex this weekend for only $4.00. Quite the deal. I am such a bad influence. Eric also played Giants: Citizen Kubota (or whatever it is called) and Castle Wolfenstein. Giants was in full 3D and Eric thought that it was pretty good. Good enough that he might even buy himself a copy. That is pretty surprising since we had expected it to be so bad. I am mentioning this now because I want to tell Loopy and I expect that I will forget. Eric also thought that Castle Wolfenstein was really awesome.

John is in the process of closing on a house here in the Chesapeake Bay region. We will see what happens there. We have all been trying to get houses and I know how hard it is. I am planning on talking to the bank this week about getting a mortgage so that I can get a house. But I may end up staying right where I am. Boy, would it be nice to know what is happening. (And before it is too late at that.) Maybe I will be moving down here in the autumn. Just another factor in the never ending quest for “Where are we going to live next year?”

Can you believe that there are three days of updates left to go this month? This is the first time that we ever had to archive the previous month halfway through the current month. We almost need to archive part of this month now! I am awaiting a new update from Anne before posting. The one that I got was blank. So, Anne, if you are reading this – have your dad send me a new copy.

Eric and I are now sitting in the airport. We have fifty minutes until the flight takes off. We have already gone through the check in and terminal security process. We are waiting at our gate now. We will have to go through the personal search yet before we get on the plane. How do I know this? Because we always get searched. Once, when I was flying to San Diego, I did not have to get searched. That is the only time that I have not been searched. Considering how much I fly, that is pretty bad. Eric gets searched every time too. So did Josh and Loopy when they flew. It is pretty consistent.

Congratulations to JJ in DC who is graduating from Catholic University of America in two weeks. Also, congratulations to Miranda who graduated from her college in the last few days. It is very depressing to have everyone graduating a few weeks before I start back at school.

Our flight just got delayed. Only by a little bit, they expect. The plane is not here yet and we are expected to leave shortly.

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