April 8, 2002

Another faithful update. You guys are going to become spoiled with me doing these huge updates everyday. No one is going to know what to do once I head off to DC and don’t do any updates for a couple of days. I actually find it much easier to do the updates now that I am using WinSCP and Chami’s HTML-Kit because I just work on a copy of the site that is on my computer that is in my closet and I don’t have to use that super slow Frontpage and connect to the web server and work on it there. Of course, I have to daily sync the two so that you guys actually get the update but that isn’t much hassle. This system allows me to easily add stuff to the site all throughout the day whenever I am thinking of it instead of taking the time to open the copy on the web server each time that I want to do anything. This is definitly the better solution.

Ok, today’s website of the day is pretty cool. I think that you are all going to really like this one. It is here. But it is too funny so I am not going to tell you what it is and will just let you go there. You can find out on your own.

The new version (Build 292 Alpha 3) of HTML-Kit came out today so for all of you web developers out there…it is time to go and get it.

Dominica made me go shopping with her all day yesterday in Syracuse because she has her third interview tomorrow and she needed a new outfit. So, she bought me the video game Tropico as a treat for having to have shopped all day. It is a pretty cool game. You play a dictator on a small tropical island. It is single player only though. There is a new expansion pack out now but I haven’t tried that yet. We also picked up the Microsoft Sidewinder Game Voice that allows you to talk to other people through the computer while you are playing a video game (it only works on Microsoft systems) but it is pretty cool and it is now buy one get one free. So it is a good deal now. It is $50 but if you get two then it is cool. It comes with a nice set of head phones with a microphone and a base unit that allows you to just press a button to talk to different people. It is pretty neat. I think that Loopy and Josh will probably split on a pair of them so that we can all talk while we are playing AoE2 or Quake.

Eric is planning on being up here tomorrow. He has been working out this way quite a bit recently. Loopy is driving back from North Bay today. Miranda’s computer is now dead (in Intel Heaven – or something like that is how Loopy put it.) Always something. Computers suck don’t they?

Well, pretty short update today since I was pretty busy yesterday. Hopefully tomorrow’s update will be up to par:)

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