April 9, 2002

Dominica is interviewing all day today. She has an eight hour interview so that should be fun. Loopy made it home from North Bay around 1:30am after driving for thirteen hours in terrible weather. Eric is working out of Ithaca today. My new laptop is in today and will hopefully work as expected (oh boy.) It is going to be used a presentations when Eric and I head south in a couple of weeks. I am going to try to get my Mazda PR-5 registered today and on the road later this week. It needs to be taken into the shop before I can really drive it anywhere. Maybe by the weekend it will be ready. Dominica is really hoping that it will be ready soon since she is so tired of carting me around everywhere.

I have been playing Tropico a little bit. It is fun. Nothing like AoE2 or anything but it is nice to have a one player game to play sometimes too. It is funny, when I was younger I was so into video games yet I never found any that I really liked. Now that I am older – I am not as into them but I am able to pick out fun games easily and find ones that I really enjoy. It is easier, I am sure, because games are of much higher quality now than they used to be. They now have teams of developers, artists, musicians and writers who put these things together. Not just one guy who has to fit everything that he can write onto a floppy disk.

Flag of BelgiumToday is pretty light on new content. It has been a pretty busy day. There is a new Bio update from the ever popular Anne available from her Bio page as usual. Tomorrow, be sure to look for her first ever “Letter to the Editor” which I hope to have posted sometime in the morning. It is nice to have someone writing a real letter to us again. It has been a long time. Of course, once again, we must resort to harrassing the poor editor who has so little time to work on this page. (Everyone feel sorry for the editor here.) I try my best, you know.

Ok, take care. I will write to all of you Llamas tomorrow.

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