May 2, 2002

I finally got the third letter to the editor up on the site. It has been quite some time since we had the last one. You can thank Anne for being the first person in quite some time to actually write something in depth to us. I also managed to get some things updated in the letters section so that it looks a little bit more like the rest of the site.

For the last few weeks, we have been going to Friendlys an abnormally high amount. Why? you ask. Because we have discovered an amazing new sandwich there. We call it the Thanksgiving sandwich but it is officially the Roast Turkey and Stuffing Supermelt. But you are a vegetarian? Yes, but, we supstitute mashed potatoes for the turkey. So, the sandwich has mashed potatoes, cheese, stuffing and cranberry sauce. Yup, thats right. Doesn’t sound all that interesting, but you have to try it. Sara and Dominica first came up with it and told me about it. So I had to go and try it. They were right, it was amazing. So Loopy tried it and then Tim did too. About two nights ago, Nate and Miranda each tried some of one of our sandwiches and they both fell in love with it. So, Nate and Bob went to Friendlys to see if they preffered it with turkey or the mashed potatoes. The sandwich is so good that I even wrote to Friendlys about it to let them know that we really liked the sandwich and that they should add it to their menu as a vegetarian option.

If May keeps up like this, we may manage to outpace April. Scroll down through April while you have the chance and see how much we have written. Wow, what a busy month.

Dominica is feeling pretty good today and so we are planning on heading out to Houston tomorrow afternoon. We leave Rochester at 4:30 and will arrive late in Texas. It is expected to be VERY hot while we are down there. In the 90’s all week. We are returning on Wedneday. I won’t have a high speed connection while I am down there but I will do my best to be writting updates diligently on my laptop and updating the site when I am able to. If I can get online with AOL (yes, I have AOL on the laptop but I am not the one paying for the service or the laptop) then I might be able to keep the updates current. I am going to be spending as little time outside as I can since it will be way to hot for me to handle. We are planning on checking out the Houston Zoo and the Aquarium. I am a big zoo lover. Nate and I managed to hit the Cincinatti Zoo about two years ago and had a really good time there. Strangely enough, a girl that we saw at the zoo (just a visitor like us) wound up being our bar tender when we went out on the town with Zach that evening. We thought that that was a pretty big coincidence.

Canadian FlagMiranda headed out today to travel back up to sunny Canada. She called a little bit ago for Loopy. I am assuming that that means that she has successfully arrived at Natalie’s house. She was planning on stopping there to break up the long drive back to North Bay.

Tim wanted to go to Friendlys tonight with Min and I which would have been twice today for us and we woudl have gone except that Min’s back is still bothering her and she can’t push it the day before flying. So, Tim and I went on our own and brought Min back some food from McDonalds. I think that Friendlys is really starting to love us.

I forgot to mention… Loopy filed his tax return this year using Turbo Tax and they completely screwed it up. First they charged him for doing State and Federal when he only wanted State since he had already done his Federal. Then they didn’t include all of his earnings because the company that he worked through was owned outside of New York. I bet one out of three people work for a company that is owned out of NY. Even big NY companies like Kodak are owned out of New Jersey just to save some money. My company is out of Delaware. Loopy works out of the Rochester office. So that really screwed him up.

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