May 3, 2002

Today we flew to Houston. That was pretty much our entire day. Dominica and I hit the road around noon to head up to Rochester to catch our flights to Houston. We got to the airport around 2:00 pm just in time to discover that our 4:30 flight, which we were already early for, was delayed until 5:10. Well, that didn’t seem so bad. Once we got to the terminal after having dinner at Philip’s European, we discovered that our flight was delayed until 6:00 because of a storm in Atlanta (where we were making our connection.) We finally got on the plane and flew the two hour trip to Atlanta.

Upon arriving in Atlanta, we were directed to the incorrect gate for our flight were they informed us that our flight was currently boarding at the furthest point in the terminal from where we currently were. So, we ran the length of the terminal just to discover that they had decided that, due to extreme delays, that they would no longer be updating their schedules and everyone had to just sit tight and listen for a boarding call! So, we sat. We finally boarded the plane and prepared for the 55 minute flight down to Houston.

After flying for about an hour, I looked out the plane’s window and noticed New Orleans glowing beneath us. Since NO is not on the flight path between Atlanta and Houston, I knew that this was going to take forever. The flight ended up taking two hours instead of less than one. So, it ended up being a very long trip. But we finally arrived. Houston was not as hot as I expected it to be.

Before we left this morning, I got the opportunity to download and play Microsoft’s new Dungeon Siege. DS is MS’s newest RPG and let me tell you, it is really exciting. The graphics, sound and gameplay are all really amazing. I just played the demo and I can’t wait to get the full game. It is going to be a lot of fun.

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