May 26, 2002

We have a new Borders in Ithaca and we are all very excited, I think that just about everyone has made it out to see it by now. Nate is the only one that I am not sure about but he doesn’t read as much as the rest of us do anyway. Loopy and I are near hysterical being able to actually shop for new books right here where we live. In fact, this is the nearest that we have ever lived to a major book store. And with the amount that we shop for computer books, it really makes life a lot easier having one just around the corner. Plus, there is a new Barnes and Nobles due in soon as well.

Our next door neighbor stopped by today and offered me his piano. That was something that I wasn’t expecting. I would like to have a piano though, especially now that I am going to be building a new house, it would be really nice to have a piano. It is an upright, honky tonk deal, but it sounds good so I look forward to having it around. We will see how we will get it over here, though. Pianos aren’t the easiest things in the world to move.

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