May 27, 2002

Happy Memorial Day. No school today. I marched with Kelley’s Heroes this morning in my first parade of the season. Josh made it out as well. Dominica made it out to watch us and is being coaxed into playing some woodwind instrument with us in the near future.

After the parade, Dominica and I headed out to my parents’ for a Memorial Day Bar-B-Q. That would mean Boca burgers for us, but on the grill they are very good. It has been a while since I have had real grilled food of any kind.

Speaking of food, Dominica has been on a real cooking kick this week and has been cooking for almost everyone in the house. She is baking right now, in fact.

Bob, Nate and I are going to head on over to the neighbor’s in just a short while to see if it is going to be at all possible to move that piano ourselves. If we are lucky, we will be able to just carry it, but that doesn’t seem too likely. I am burning a copy of SuSE Linux 8.0 Pro for the neighbors as well. So I am finishing that up before we head on over.

It has been a pretty hot day (though not as hot as yesterday when the weather channel announced Ithaca as having a temperature of 149!) but still hot. We still have the windows open but I am dying. I did get sunburnt today, though, and that is making it a lot worse. It is rough being bald – Nate can attest to that:) Domincia has been pointing out, recently, just how bald and grey I am going.

I got the chance to play with my dad’s new tractor today. He got it for Christmas. I took it out and mowed a little of the pasture to try it out. It has been a while since I was on a tractor.

[Editors Note from 2007: In 2007 dad converted his video of today’s parade into Xvid for me and I posted it onto OurMedia so that it can be enjoyed by everyone.  You can download it via the SGL page for the 2002 Caledonia Memorial Day Parade.]

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