May 30, 2002

April, the largest month in SGL history, has been archived so you can load this page a little bit easier now.

My mother is not going to be getting chemotherapy right away. Her doctor decided that it was not necessary since she has been feeling so good recently. Thank you everyone that has been praying for her. This is a really big victory.

Eric was down today but we pretty much just worked. Eric, Loopy, Min and I all managed to get lunch together at the State Street Dinner. It is pretty hard to coordinate all of those people.

Loopy is totally addicted to Dungeon Siege. The game is really good and I suggest that everyone with a fast enough machine to be able to run it should check it out. I have been playing it a bit and it is definitely the game of the moment. The graphics and sound are really amazing. I am very impressed. The game does crash (on Windows 2000 at least) rather often but if you have been saving religiously, you are usually ok. Just about everyone who has tried it has had it crash on them.

Canadian FlagToday is Natalie’s last day before she heads up north to work for the summer. So, if you need to get a hold of her, call her now! She won’t be back for a long time. A bunch of us are hoping to be able to organize a “Llama Field Trip” up to visit her. We will see if we are able to pull that off.

I have been home now for two weeks straight (with the occasional trip out to Rochester.) It is about time for me to be on the road again. The day after tomorrow, Min and I are heading out to Ohio to see my cousin Gwen graduate from high school. We can’t make it to her actual graduation so we are just aiming for the party. Then Eric and I are working in Pittsburgh during the week. Then it is off to South Carolina with Min to meet up with Francesca who is coming up for two weeks. Then it is one place after another till the month is done. I tell ya, these things really come in spurts. Never can I get settled in at home. At least I have had the chance to get my computer together, that took forever.

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