June 18, 2002

Wow, no wonder everyone has been complaining that it has been so long since an update. Sorry everyone, I have been so busy that I just couldn’t get the site updated. I have even done three or so updates on different computers without having a chance to sync them up to the actual page! I have been in Pittsburgh twice, South Carolina, Winchester, VA, Washington, DC and Rochester over the last three weeks. 4000-5000 miles have been added to my little yellow car!

Last night, three of our neighbors from the house that attaches to our came over to visit. It has been so long since we had anyone live near us that I forgot that you could do that!

In belated news: Emily and Craig are going to be moving to Ithaca! Yes, Ithaca. Coors has relocated Craig out to our little corner of the world, much to their surprise. So you can be looking for them in the coming months. Scott and Leanne have just had a purchase offer on a house in Perry be accepted so they are very excited. Anne should be returning from Belgium very soon now. Natalie and Miranda are on their summer jobs so we won’t hear much from them for a little while. Nate and Bob are starting grad school in two weeks. Eric and Josh are considering school this fall. Tim has mostly moved out and will be getting married in just about a month. My cousin Gwen and her boyfriend Mike will be coming to visit us this summer. Zach will be moving in soon. Bob got a Pepsi machine (yes, a real one) so anyone who comes over can get canned soda (pop) in the garage, already chilled for just $.25. I was given a pretty decent piano by a neighbor that was moving out so I finally have one of those. Phil has been learning to play golf with Josh.

I will be leaving for Washington again in the morning. I am so glad to just have a little bit of time to myself here before I go. Boy am I exhausted! Both this weekend and last I have had to write a paper and it took everything I had just to get home so that I could work on them. Next week isn’t going to be any better either. I have a graduation party on Saturday (that I will have to drive from DC to get to), Monday I have to go to college and then two of the guys from DC are coming up, Tuesday is an all day meeting at my house, Wednesday the guys are returning to DC, Thursday I have to play a golf tournament in Rochester with Nate, Josh and Eric and Friday I might have to leave to drive down to Houston. And, of course, it will take two days to get down there and then I have to fly back.

We are no longer in a drought situation here in central New York. It has rained almost everyday for the last two weeks or more. There is SO MUCH water in the ground, the plants don’t know what to do! It has been great though, it really keeps the temperature down. We haven’t needed to run the A/C for weeks now. This is really saving us quite a bit of money.

Ok, so y’all can start coming back to the page on a regular basis again. I expect that updates will be pretty slow for at least the next ten days or so but I will do what I can to get the updates posted. So you don’t have to check everyday again until July or so. Check like every three or four days.

Dominica got her Microsoft Side Winder Game Voice that matches mine so that we can talk to each other while we are playing video games. I am very excited, I can’t wait to start using it. It is too bad that I can only have mine on the computer in my closet since her main computer and my main computer sit right next to each other we wouldn’t be able to really use the headphones. Josh and Montana Bob use the Game Voice software to talk to each other while they play games so we should be able to get them to all work together. That would be really cool.

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