May 6, 2002

Dominica and I are playing substitute parents today to Madeline and Emily. We have them all day to ourselves. Let me tell you, I am not cut out to have kids. They are too much for me. I discovered today that I am not able to feed an infant.

Lots of television, that is what we did today. In the evening, Min and I went out to see Spiderman. We had a good time, the movie was pretty good. Min liked it a lot more than I did but she is a comic book fan. After the movie, we tried to get some dinner at Lupe Tortilla (Yes, Loopy Tortilla) but they had closed just before we got there. We thought that Loopy would think that that was hilarious.

We are planning on taking the girls to the aquarium tomorrow. We will see if we can pull off a trip.

I actually ended up working a fair amount today. The phone was ringing off the hook for a lot of the morning.

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