June 26, 2002

Today is the big golf tournament at Victor Hills Country Club in Rochester. Dominica isn’t able to play golf because of her back so Stephanie (one of the girls who have moved into the other half of our house) is going to play on the team with Eric, Josh and I. We tee’ed off at 10:00 am and played until 5:00 pm. What a long day. We had a good time though. We didn’t win:) It was fun, there was lunch served all day included in the price of the tournament along with free soda, water and beer and then a steak and chicken dinner. This was the first time for any of us being in a tournament and Stephanie’s first real game of golf although she used to be a Quench Wench for a course in Arizona. After playing all day, Eric headed home and Phil joined us for six more holes at Durand-Eastman County Course on Lake Ontario. DE is one of the earliest examples of Robert Trent Jone’s architecture. RTJ is originally from Rochester and is a graduate of Cornell. It got pretty late so we had to pack it is before we had finished. I can tell that my game is really improving, I am not good yet, but it is really improving.

Nate, Bob and Zach made it out to the Hangar Theatre this evening to see the Sound of Music. I am sure that they were really thrilled since Nate and Bob put on this show at Boynton Middle School already this year.

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