June 27, 2002

After having spent the entire day in Rochester yesterday, I had to drive back up today for a short meeting at the University of Rochester. Fun, fun, fun. Eric and I then grabbed lunch and headed for home. I finally finished listening to the last of the Harry Potter books. It was really good. I am anxious, now, for the next book to come out. I read one and three and listen to two and four in the car. The story really is addicting. Eric is even getting hooked on it now.

Slow day in general. I got home middle of the afternoon and decided to relax a little. Dominica and I did dinner at Sangam and went movie shopping. It is so nice having a Borders here in town. They have a nice foreign movie section that I pillaged today. And there is a new Hollywood Video that just opened in front of the mall where they have a good used selection as well. I am very happy. New movies include the following: The Princess and the Warrior from Germany and starring Franka Potente of Run Lola, Run and The Bourne Identity, La Cage Aux Folles which was later remade into The Birdcage, Magnolia, Iron Monkey from Hong Kong, Das Boot: The Director’s Cut and Chungking Express also from Hong Kong. The last film I already owned on LaserDisc but I wanted a DVD copy since I really love that film. Wong-Kar Wai is brilliant.

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